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Abaribe: The Fearless Political Liberator (Part-1), By Paul Ikechukwu Njoku

No doubt, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is the current Senator representing the people of Abia South Senatorial District in the Upper Legislative Chamber of the National Assembly who has demonstrated sound voice and testicular fortitude in the Senate.

I have neither met him in my life nor had a social relationship with him in any sort except in the future.


My lovely prescription on him is associated with the fact that he shares same courageous ideology and activism with me. I love fearless human beings because it motivates me to flourish in spirit.

In other words, I admire the dictum that compliments Senator Abaribe’s doggedness and balls. I therefore urge other Igbo leaders and elders to emulate him than sabotage.

As a fearless Igbo image-maker in the National Assembly, Mr. Abaribe has resiliently fought for the emancipation of the Igbo race by constructively engaging President Muhammadu Buhari from the hallow Chamber of the parliament and in the areas of unprecedented insecurity, extortion by the security forces in Igboland and extrajudicial killings, terrorism, unbridled marginalisation of Ndigbo, unemployment, hike in pump price, energy tariff, lopsided appointment, restructuring, true fiscal federalism, devolution of power, State Policing, decentralization of the Supreme Court, Federal Character Principle, injustice, and the ruthless conduct of the notorious but murderous Fulani militia masquerading as herdsmen with Ak-47 riffles in the Buhari-led government.

In a captivating web of circumstances, Enyinnaya Abaribe, has been strongly shaped into a public image of Igbo redemption. He does not fear the Caliphate and northern apologists.

His trajectory is rather amazingly instructive as he posseses a life rescued by providence and completed in brightness of colours. A beneficiary of God’s favour. He is yet one man whose antecedents and principles of life in the Nigerian Senate have to a very large extent placed him amongst those whose character traits relate to intergrity. He is defined by boldness, courage and guts of profound intensity that in moments of challenges, readily exhibits the capacity of standing eyeball-to-eyeball to call a spade by its only name in an unshaking voice.

Many have criticised and accused him of membership of Indigenous People of Biafran (IPOB) for all he cares.

Even if you do not agree with the methodological operations of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, can you not just focus on the survival of the Igbo ethnic nationality in Nigeria?

Our livelihood, lives and property have been constantly decimated and maimed by the Fulani murderous militia masquerading as herdsmen.

Our Southeast governors have been playing politics with the security of their people. If Nnamdi Kanu and his Eastern Security Network could guarantee our safety, why can’t they readily accept it despite not having any other active alternative measure from a supposed retired Army General from Daura in Katsina State who promised to lead the fight against terrorism from the front but incompetently reneged immediately he climbed to power?

I have clinically interpreted the defensive arguments of Chief Enyinnaya Abaribe in the hallowed Chamber concerning insecurity in Nigeria and arrived to a cognitive conclusion.

In my view, the powerful elements within the Federal Government and foreign players are responsible for this Islamist insurgency and extremism in the country that has spread to the South from Northern Nigeria. Its purpose is to realise an old transnational Fulani agenda of Islamic revivalism and territorial expansion which have been given urgent impetus by climate change, food insecurity, development and environmental challenges in the Sahel region of West Africa.

The powerful Islamic elements within the Federal Government of the Buhari regime are determinedly committed to this policy of fulfilling in its entirety the Othman Danfodio’s vision.

The Islamic extremists and northern hegemonies have long been prepared for this conflict and have seized all the institutions of the State including the Army which is really no more than a mercenary body.

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is indeed a political liberator whose insight in the present government is always illuminating and knowledgeable.

Please, get ready for the part-2 of this episode.

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