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About Us

The World Periscope is an all-invasive, intrusive, all-eyes, and all places global social media. Unlike other blogs, we are registered, licensed, and a patent News House.

Our staffers are trained writers and licensed investigative journalists covering unique and specialized areas of human endeavors globally.

We are situated and prepared to usher in post-pandemic Nigeria and global audiences from all continents with exclusive opportunity for a one-stop feed-all -eyes news covering all socio-political, economic, and religious classes of readers.

We pledge that we shall serve all equally, bearing true allegiance to all rights and privileges of all readers and clients, without discrimination, slander, abuse, or lies. Our covenanted mandate is to publish the truth and nothing but the truth, and be damned.

Our ultimate goal as agents of Democracy and Media House is to help all tumbling and stumbling practitioners on a solid firm foundation.

We are aware that the self-imposed tasks may be enormous. However, we are also aware that, “the truth is an open wound, but conscience shall heal it”.


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