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Alleged age falsification: Campaign of calumny against Rivers CP uncovered

Allegation of age falsification against the Rivers State Commissioner of Police Rivers, Mr. Joseph Gobum Mukan has been discovered to be fake and ill-motivated.

An online news medium had reported on November 12, 2020 that the Police Commissioner falsified his age.


Our investigation has however revealed that the allegation was false and a calculated attempt to ease Mr. Joseph Gobun Mukan, out of Rivers State as the Police Commissioner.

Our medium gathered that there was error in the date of birth on Mr. Joseph Gobun Mukan’s International Passport and this error was corrected through an affidavit of facts dated November 27, 2018.

His date of birth was erroneously written as 21st June 21,1960 instead of June 21, 1962.

The Police Boss said he was aware of the sensitivity and gravity of the error in his date of birth, and this informed his decision to depose to an affidavit of facts to correct the error.

Part of the affidavit reads “that this affidavit is required to correct the mistake or error on my International Passport No. A09876006 wherein my date of birth is stated as 21st June, 1960 instead of 21st June, 1962.

“That this affidavit is made for record purposes and in lieu of my birth certificate.”

When contacted Mr. Joseph Gobun Mukan described the allegation as “baseless, false and ill-motivated by his enemies who are bent on tarnishing his hard earned image and aim at distracting him from achieving what is expected of him by the Police Force.”

He expressed disappointment at how wicked and mischievous those behind the story are.

The Police Commissioner said the write up was the handiwork of mischief makers, whose intention was to pull him down and rubbish the good works he is doing.

Mr. Mukan also confirmed that all his documents with the Nigeria Police Headquarters since he joined the force as well as other vital document carried his real date of birth which is June 21, 1962.

The Police Boss, who will reach the mandatory age of retirement in 2022, said he had no intention whatsoever to exceed when he attained that age.

The Police Boss urged the Media to always make confirmation and hear from both sides before publishing their stories in order to be fair to the parties as well as gain public confidence and build credibility to their sites.

While reiterating his commitment to fighting crime, bringing sanity, maintaining law and order to the volatile State, Mr. Mukan said he will remain committed to what is expected of him by the Inspector General of Police and will not be distracted by cheap blackmailers and mischievous elements.

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