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Insecurity: 2023 General Elections Is Cloudy – Fayemi; Denies Presidential Ambition

Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, has said that the 2023 General Elections are being threatened by the current insecurity in the country.

The Governor spoke on a radio/television programme in Ado Ekiti on Monday evening during which he denied nursing presidential ambition.


According to him, if the current security challenges facing the nation continue unabated, the 2023 Presidential election may not hold .

“Presidential Ambition? Even, we need to be mindful, we may not have the 2023 Presidential election if we continue this way. So, how can you have an ambition on the evidence before us.

“So, who have I ever gone to tell, that I’m running for any position in 2023? You called it perceived ambition and you’re asking me of it on public television and radio, you’re not being fair to me.

“Reflecting on whose thought, the thought of which people? Which survey have you conducted in Ekiti state that you know the thought of the people, that they think it’s because I’m running for an office, what am I supposed to do that I’m not doing? What do you mean by sitting on the fence?”

Governor Fayemi, however, expressed the hope that the security challenges facing the nation would soon be a thing of the past.

On the finances of the state, the Governor disclosed that revenue accruing to the state from the Federation account has nosedived considerably, with the state now rely6 on internal sources to meet some of its obligations.

He assured that despite the trend, his administration would not sack any worker but that Government would continue to involve stakeholders on the way forward.

Inspite of his denial of a Presidential ambition, however, there are strong speculations that a group of young, well-honed and well- heeled politicians, within the APC, is working on a Fayemi/El-Rufai Presidential ticket against 2023.

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