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BREAKING: FG Increases Civil Servants Salary By 100 Percent

Zimbabwe Government has awarded civil servants a 100 percent salary increment as part of its commitment to improve the welfare of its workers.

WazobiaReporters understands that part of the package includes a review of the Covid-19 allowance which went up from US$200 to US$250 for all civil servants excluding those in the health sector.


A meeting to discuss the welfare of those in the health sector is expected to be held today.

Finance and Economic Development Ministry permanent secretary Mr George Guvamatanga in a statement said all teachers have also been given an additional US$80 monthly teaching allowance.

“The approved framework for remuneration reviews takes into account the requirement to continuously enhance the general welfare of public employees while attempting to stay within the budget and respecting the general rule of maintaining wage bills at sustainable levels so as not to compete with other expenditures.

“There will be a 100 percent remuneration review to gross ZWL emoluments from deputy director and below for all sectors. Cushioning and Covid-19 allowances have been reviewed from US$200 to US$250 across all sectors, excluding the health sector,” he said.

“Government pensioners’ cushioning and Covid-19 Allowance have been reviewed from US$90 to US$100. In addition to that all teachers will receive a payment of US$80, an improvement to the school fees policy which discriminated against those teachers with no biological children.”

The Government said teachers will also be entitled to free primary school education for up to a maximum of three children at Government schools within the radius.

“We are also introducing a Government-funded funeral insurance framework. The approved review of 100 percent remuneration to gross NVL emoluments from the deputy director and below for all sectors, takes effect on February 1, 2023 for the security sector and April 1, 2023 for the rest of the civil service.

“Furthermore, the increase in cushioning and Covid allowances from US$200 to US$250 across all sectors, with the exception of the health sector, takes effect on March 1, 2023, for the Security Sector and April 1, 2023, for the rest of the civil service, taking into account March 2023 developments in the security sector,” said Mr Guvamatanga.

He added that since the effective date is February 2023, it is critical to note that the March bills for the security sector included the February back pay for the gross DNL emoluments from Deputy Director equivalent grades and below.

In an interview, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) chief executive officer Dr Sifiso Ndlovu said although the review was a bit exciting, teachers will not leave the negotiating table.

He said US$250 was better than what they were getting but due to inflation, it could not cover the cost of living.

“The review brings excitement to all civil servants and am sure the others are already benefiting as stated by the circular.

“Since we were granted US$250 instead of the US$840 that we need for our needs, we will continue at negotiating with the Government with the hope that one day teachers will go to work with smiles knowing that their salaries can cater for all basics given the tough economic times we live in,” he said.

Dr Ndlovu said teachers were, however, concerned by the fact that their increment is only effective on April 1.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association President Mr Enock Dongo said they needed clarification on the Covid-19 allowance increment, and were due to meet Government representatives today.

He said their Covid-19 allowance has been pegged at US$200 just like every civil servant who got an increment.

“As a matter of fact besides this allowance and our fixed local currency salaries we do not have any special allowances applicable to members in the health sector,” said Mr Dongo.

“We have since approached the Health Services Board and we will have a meeting tomorrow to discuss that and off course other issues related to our welfare.”

Apex Council secretary-general Mr David Dzatsunga said negotiations will continue today and promised to give finer details after that meeting.

When reached for comment last night, the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Professor Paul Mavima said he was in a meeting.

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