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Defection: NIP guber candidate, Sarumi-Aliyu dumps party for PDP, gives reasons

The gubernatorial candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP) in the March 9th governorship election in Oyo State, Mrs. Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu has announced her defection from NIP, and promptly joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Sarumi-Aliyu made the announcement while speaking in a telephone conversation with DAILY POST on Sunday.


Sarumi-Aliyu, who said that she decided to join PDP in order to actualise her plans for the state, however insisted that Nigerians are not ready for new political parties that has no millions of naira to share.

The female politician lamented that it is unfortunate that after spending her personal money, money donated to her campaign by friends and family members, her party recorded little votes in the elections.

She stated that the votes secured by her party compared to the resources spent during the campaigns and other occasions, have shown that people are not ready for new political parties that don’t have millions to share for them.

She said, “Nigerians are not ready for political parties that has no godfather and billions to share. We brought new political party to Oyo, we spent personal money, people also donated but, people are not ready for a political party that has their interest in mind.

“The decision was arrived at after due consultation. What we stood for, even in NIP was that Oyo State indigenes deserve the very best in terms of governance. And I am sure many people will agree with me that things can be better than what obtains presently.

“With the experience I and many contestants all over the country, we noticed that the typical Nigerians are not for new political parties.

“We brought a new political party to Oyo, we spent personal money, people also donated all over the world but with the votes we got it was obvious people are not ready for a new political party. The other factor that worked against us is that the Governor elect is a good man and he as been doing great charitable deeds in the state for decades so definitely I guessed we couldn’t win the elections.

“But I still contested because of the fact that no woman had even contested and I had faith in God that he only knows when is my time and when the time is right I will become the first female Governor in Oyo State.

“I am very happy that the people have elected a good man to Govern us and i have faith in him that with the good people he surrounds himself with is regime will be a great one to remember for eternity.

“We are teaming up with the PDP to take Oyo to the greater heights. It is not all about Sarumi-Aliyu, it is about the love i have for the people Oyo state. Pls dont forget i am the Jagaban of the poor so my being in PDP will be to ensure the downtrodden are taken care of.

“The conscientious efforts of the Governor-elect, Engineer Seyi Makinde to make things better over the years, even when he was not holding any elective position have proved him to be a honourable, forthright and noble spirited person.”

“I cannot hold in all the good plans I have and I will gladly give them to the Governor. I am drawn to him mainly because of his philanthropic activities and secondly, he didn’t get there through the effort of any godfather, God Himself made it possible. So, he is a good choice.

“Our presidential candidate actually stepped down for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. And I must also state that the move is in the interest of the people. I will assist the Governor if given the opportunity so he can serve well.

“Four years may not be enough to make the desired change in Oyo State as a lot of work needs to be done. The earlier we start to tackle the challenges facing our dear state, the better. I look forward to living in a robust state that provides ample opportunity for her citizens to thrive,” Sarumi-Aliyu said.

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