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Northern Elders’ Forum Asks Buhari To Resign

The Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF), has demanded the resignation of Muhammadu Buhari as the President of Nigeria over the rising challenges of insecurity in the country.

NEF in a statement by its Director of Publicity and Advocacy, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed said the honourable thing for Buhari to do since his administration has failed in providing security to the citizens is to resign.


The NEF statement comes on the heels of a recent Boko Haram attack on some rice farmers in Borno State where the terrorists beheaded 78 farmers in a single attack.

The group also chided a statement by Presidential Spokesperson Garba Shehu who suggested the farmers were killed because they didn’t have clearance from the military to be in the area which was still susceptible to attack by terrorists.

Reacting to the incident, NEF in its statement, said it “joins Nigerians in expressing outrage at the killings of farmers in Borno State and many other people on a daily basis in many parts of the North. Our voices have been raised without pause for a long time against pervasive insecurity in our region.

“These particular killings have been greeted by the most insensitive response by Spokespersons of the President. The lame excuse that farmers had not sought permission from the military to harvest produce merely exposed the misleading claims that our military had secured vast territories from the insurgency.

“Under this administration, life has lost its value, and more and more citizens are coming under the influence of criminals.We do not see any evidence of a willingness on the part of President Buhari to honour his oath to provide security over Nigerians.

“In civilized nations, Leaders who fail so spectacularly to provide security will do the honourable thing and resign”.

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