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Ekiti Police Arrest Ex-LG Boss, Four Others For Threatening Ekiti Lawmaker

A former Chairman, Ekiti West Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Mr. Kareem Agunbiade and four other suspects, have been nabbed by the Police for allegedly threatening the life of a serving Assembly member, Hon. Tajudeen Akingbolu.

Other culprits being grilled at the State Criminal Investigation Department, police headquarters, Ado Ekiti include: Babatunde Shittu aka God Is Able, Tajudeen Mohammed alias Tajudeendemeji, Oribusola Taiwo , Otunlape Taiwo and one person with a veiled identity called ‘Natural’ with the alias “Ogo Ekiti”.


The culprits are presently being interrogated at the police headquarters for allegedly threatening to unleash beating on the Lawmaker while passing derisive comments on a WhatsApp platform being used as a springboard for Hon. Agunbiade’s 2023 House of Assembly ambition.

The arrest, which was prodded by a petition dated March 22, 2022, written by Hon. Akingbolu to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Babatunde Mobayo, chronicled how the suspects allegedly threatened to mete out what happened to a Niger State Lawmaker on the politician for veiled reason.

Akingbolu recounted in the petition how the invited individuals had applauded the Niger State constituents for allegedly chasing away their representative at the assembly, Hon. Wakilin Magama, during a recent condolence visit to his constituency , saying such odious incident would would be repeated for Akingbolu in Ekiti West constituency 1.

The Human Rights Lawyer added that his life has been traumatic and unsettled, since such unwarranted and misdirected incendiary comment was made against him.

Akingbolu urged the Police to Save his Soul and prevent the suspects from carrying out their alleged invidious and sinister plan against him.

The petition reads: “On the 21st and 22nd of March, 2022, there were some threatening words against my life on a WhatsApp platform under the name of one of the politicians in Ekiti State , Kareem Agunbiade 4 House of Assembly. One WhatsApp user with the name Ogo Ekiti had raised a poser that a member of the Niger State House of Assembly, Wakilin Magama was chased by constituents with stones and dangerous weapons.

“A WhatsApp user with the name God is Able replied that it is good like that, when time comes, Akingbolu deserves this. Tajudeendemeji also replied to the same post saying yesooooo, Akingbolu deserves this.

“One certain Oribusola Taiwo also uploaded an image of a person holding a cutlass with an inscription: ” I need your left ear and left hand”, also concurring with God is Able. Otunlade Taiwo also replied and said ‘wow that is very lovely, Barr Tajudeen Akingbolu will soon experience this kind of a thing”.

The Lawmaker thereby requested that; ” In the light of the foregoing, I urge your good offices, to as a matter of urgency investigate the threat to my life and allow due process of law to prevail in the unfolding scenario and to preserve my fundamental human rights as enshrined in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

Akingbolu told the CP in clear terms that taking the issue with disdain could spell doom for him, predicating this on the fact that Agunbiade has his eyes fixed on the present position he occupied in the assembly.

He stated further that this political struggle could be a basis for his life to be snuffed out, knowing full well that he poses serious threat and albtross to the realization of Agunbiade’s political goal.

Relaying how embattled he had been, Akingbolu, in the petition, said he had been enveloped with fear and trepidation with his entire family members under siege owing to the terror these traumatic comments had brought to his household.

The Lawyer to the Complainant, Barrister Femi Familusi, said four out of the five suspects are currently being detained by the police.

Familusi said: “The police had taken their statements and they are currently being detained at the police headquarters.

“Though, five persons were accused of involving in the scandal, but only four had cases to answer and the four are the ones being held by the cops”, the lawyer said.

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