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Conscience Forum Changes Name To Adorables, Exposes Salvador As Inconsistent Politician

Hon. Moshood Salvador, a former Chieftain of the PDP and APC has been described as an inconsistent politician by key members of the Conscience Forum whose group name has been changed to The Adorables.

In a Press Release presented by leaders of the group, numerous allegations were levied against the leader of the Conscience Forum group, Alhaji Moshood Salvador.

“You can form a political group, but can never achieve anything substantial with it  without accommodating the interests of others. It is normal for a group to grow bigger than it’s convener to succeed. Any convener that thinks otherwise should just form his group and  keep it in his briefcase or wardrobe and ride it to power on his own. That’s the only way it would not be contested with such a convener. You don’t play God with everybody by seeing them as your pawns. It doesn’t work that way. The Team Leaders of the Conscience Forum now called The Adorables exposed Salvador.  

“He’s a greedy leader that enjoys setting his followers on collision course. He survives politically via deceits. Bulk of his present members are just rented neighbours and a few programmed clowns that he normally co-opts into his funny present political permutations. The members alleged.

According to some members of the group present at the press conference,  “we left him immediately after the last elections when majority of us discovered that he was running a circus show. He’s always concerned about himself and just himself. He’s a bad team player that lacks human management. He’s just deceiving the people with the structures that we built from our PDP days. He’s presently without any verifiable structures in all the LGAs. The members voiced out.

“If indeed he’s bold and really has any  structure as he’s claiming, he should come out boldy to mention his coordinators in  the 20 LGAs in Lagos State. He’s fond of making reference to his teeming followers which are not exisiting.  He’s not worthy to be called a leader but just a perennial trader. Another member from Oshodi Isolo pointed out.

Sad that same Salvador, despite all he benefitted off Asiwaju Tinubu still tactically abandoned Tinubu and ran after the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello to manage his campaign team for the Presidential Primaries all for money. He deceived the Kogi State Governor of being the man that’s controlling the Lagos State APC structures and as such, will guarantee his ticket for the Presidency. Alhaji Yahaya Bello fell for his tricks and indeed, mobilised him for the assignment. Salvador sent a few rented people to Abuja tagging them as potential delegates from Lagos State just to fleece The Kogi State Governor. He’s a political 419. Another member from Ifako Ijaye asserted.

“We are compelled to come out straight and expose all about his deceitful acts to the whole world that we left him immediately after the last elections and as such, did not decamp to the Labour Party with him. The members maintained.

“It is an established fact that we decamped to the APC in an elaborate ceremony which he claimed he personally funded on his own. He alleged that he was never given a dime. All these were later confirmed to be concoted lies. Our members were attacked,  robbed and macheted by people he hired to be part of the decamping process at the Agege Stadium when he failed to fulfill his parts of the bargain by leaving the Agege Stadium Decamping venue early.

“During the last Presidential elections, despite all we did and how we were accomodated by the leadership of the APC under the National Leader, Asiwaju Tinubu, coupled with what he was given, he failed to carry his followers along. He claimed for all he did before we decamped to the APC and during the last elections, he was never given anything and that the APC only made him to waste his personal funds. All these were later discovered to be pure lies.

“We are as united as ever and even have a more concrete and solid leadership structures. We are more determined to maintaining the same old CONSCIENCE FORUM structures but with a different name now to be called THE ADORABLES . Sane politicians should stop associating with him as he remains a desperate and inconsistent politician that will never be satisfied. The members concluded.

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